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LAWS: An Open Letter from AI & Robotics Experts

Posted on 29 July 2015 by Frank Sauer

Thousands of experts in artificial intelligence, robotics and related professions have signed an open letter, hosted by the Future of Life Institute, calling for a ban on autonomous weapons that select and engage targets without human intervention. You can read more on the importance of this letter to the current global effort of banning lethal […] Continue Reading

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Model United Nations Urges Ban on Killer Robots

Posted on 06 April 2015 by mbolton

UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon “energized” by students’ “serious discussions” on autonomous weapons systems In less than two weeks, diplomats from around the world will gather at the United Nations in Geneva to discuss potential global regulations on “lethal autonomous weapons systems” that would be able to select and attack targets without direct human control. But […] Continue Reading

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Campaign to Stop Killer Robots takes significant step forward at UN

Posted on 15 November 2013 by mbolton

ICRAC welcomes the historic decision taken by nations to begin international discussions on how to address the challenges posed by fully autonomous weapons. The agreement marks the beginning of a process that the campaign believes should lead to an international ban on these weapons to ensure there will always be meaningful human control over targeting decisions […] Continue Reading

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News Roundup: Banning Lethal Autonomous Robots

Posted on 31 October 2013 by Frank Sauer

Over the last couple of months, lethal autonomous robots (LARs) went from a sidelined issue to not only a hotly and widely debated topic but most importantly an official item of United Nations (UN) arms control diplomacy. This post provides an overview over recent media coverage as well as events and statements given at the UN. The […] Continue Reading

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ICRAC member Dr. Matthew Bolton, presenting a statement on disarmament at the UN General Assembly’s First Committee on Tuesday. Photo by Shant Alexander for Control Arms.

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ICRAC Member and Campaign to Stop Killer Robots Deliver Statements at the UN General Assembly First Committee

Posted on 30 October 2013 by mbolton

On behalf of global civil society organizations, International Committee for Robot Arms Control member Matthew Bolton calls for disarmament and arms control “driven by the needs and rights of people most affected by armed violence.” The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots also spoke, calling for fully autonomous weapons to “be prohibited through an international treaty, […] Continue Reading

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Roff Foust

ICRAC’s Heather Roff debates Joshua Foust

Posted on 10 October 2013 by Frank Sauer

Naval Postgraduate School CRUSER Robo-Ethics Continuing Education Series (RECES) Robo-Ethics Panelist Debate (Part 3) Continue Reading

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Everyone is a target

Posted on 12 August 2013 by Peter Asaro

A new short documentary (8 minutes) by Amy Kohn – Autonomous Weapons: everyone is a target – features members of ICRAC giving the reason why we need to move forward with an international legally binding treaty to prohibit research, use and development of autonomous weapons – weapons that once activated can select targets and kill […] Continue Reading

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Smart Robots? Perhaps not smart enough to be called stupid.

Posted on 18 March 2013 by nsharkey

The New York Times has entered the discussion about the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. Columnist Bill Keller has produced a well balanced article that looks at the pros and cons of a ban. For the ban, he notes that The arguments against developing fully autonomous weapons, as they are called, range from moral (“they […] Continue Reading

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Killer robots must be stopped, say campaigners

Posted on 06 March 2013 by nsharkey

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots was announced by Tracy McVeigh in the Sunday Newspaper the Observer on 24th February. This has created large positive media interest ahead of our the campaign to be launched in April this year. From the Observer: “Killer robots must be stopped, say campaigners A new global campaign to persuade […] Continue Reading

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The rational approach to the inhumanity of automating death by machines

Posted on 06 March 2013 by nsharkey

Three days after the publication of the Human Rights Watch Report: Losing our Humanity: The case against killer robots, the US Department of Defence issued a directive that gave clearance for the development of autonomous weapons: weapons that once launched can select and engage targets without further intervention. Here is my response on the relationship […] Continue Reading

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