Podcast Episode #3: Interview with Jody Williams, Chairwoman of the Nobel Women’s Initiative

Posted on 27 April 2015 by nsharkey

This is episode 3 of 6 in the CCW Special that kicks off the new official ICRAC Podcast series.

Jody Williams has been a humanitarian campaigner for most of her adult life. In 1991 she began coordinating the successful Campaign to Ban Landmines and received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1997. But she didn’t stop there. In 2004 Jody took the lead in establishing the Nobel Women’s Initiative with other women Nobel peace laureates and has been the chairwoman ever since. Their aim is to support and promote the work of women around the world working for peace with justice and equality.

In this interview Jody talks about the importance of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots and tells us what is most annoying about its opponents.

Noel SharkeyPhD, DSc FIET, FBCS CITP FRIN FRSA is Professor of AI and Robotics and Professor of Public Engagement at the University of Sheffield and was an EPSRC Senior Media Fellow (2004-2010).

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