Podcast Episode #5: Interviews on Human Rights

Posted on 03 May 2015 by nsharkey

Interviews with:
Rasha Abdul Rahim, Amnesty International, Advocate/Advisor in Arms Control, Security Trade, and Human Rights
Steve Wright, Reader in the School of Social Science at Leeds Beckett University, and ICRAC Member

This is episode 4 of 6 in the CCW Special that kicks off the new official ICRAC Podcast series.

Rasha Abdul Rahim is part of the Arms Control, Security Trade and Human Rights Team at Amnesty International and an expert in the human rights implications of autonomous weapons in military and policing applications.

Dr. Steve Wright is a professor at Leeds Beckett University who has more than 30 years under his belt working on the proliferation of weapon technologies. Steve is also ICRAC’s specialist on Less Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LLAWS).

We talk about how LLAWS could come back from conflict zones to haunt civil society and we discuss the inherent dangers for policing, border control and the suppression of populations.

Noel SharkeyPhD, DSc FIET, FBCS CITP FRIN FRSA is Professor of AI and Robotics and Professor of Public Engagement at the University of Sheffield and was an EPSRC Senior Media Fellow (2004-2010).

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