Kristen Thomasen

Position: Assistant Professor in Law, Robotics and Society in the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada

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Expertise Areas: Law of Robots, Drones, Privacy



Kristen Thomasen is one of the leading Canadian experts in robotics law and policy, specializing in drone regulation and the privacy impacts of robotic technologies. Kristen is an Assistant Professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia in Canada, she teaches Robotics Law & Society as well as Tort Law. Previously, Kristen joined the Windsor Faculty of Law in January 2017 as an Assistant Professor. Her research focuses on the legal, social and ethical implications of robotic technologies and artificial intelligence.

Kristen earned her JD degree at the University of Ottawa, and holds a BA (Hons.) in Anthropology from McMaster University and an MA in International Affairs from Carleton University. She completed her PhD in Law at the University of Ottawa, her dissertation has a focus on public space privacy intrusions facilitated by robots/artificial intelligence (e.g. drones, facial recognition technology). Prior to beginning her doctoral studies, she served as law clerk to the Honourable Madam Justice Rosalie Abella at the Supreme Court of Canada and clerked for the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench, as well as articling for Alberta Justice.

Kristen has published her research in several articles and book chapters, most recently a piece on “Robots, Regulation, and the Changing Nature of Public Space” in the Ottawa Law Review. She is a regular public commentator in the mainstream media and other channels, and serves on the Legal Expertise Committee of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, as well as the International Committee for Robot Arms Control. At Windsor Law, she taught in the areas of privacy law, torts, and robotics law and policy. At Allard Law, she will be teaching “Special Topics in Law and Technology: Law, Robotics, and Society” in Winter 2021.