Open Letter to Amazon against Police and Government use of Rekognition

Researchers in Support of Amazon Employees: Amazon should not sell Face Rekognition Technologies to Police, Government or Intermediaries.

An Open Letter to:

Jeffrey Bezos, Founder and CEO of Inc.
Hassan Sawaf, Director of Artificial Intelligence, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Dr. Matt Wood, General Manager of Artificial Intelligence, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As academics who study, teach about, and develop information technologies, we write in solidarity with Amazon workers and shareholders, as well as a coalition of over 70 civil and human rights groups, who are urging Amazon to cease sale of its Rekognition facial recognition technology to police departments and government agencies. We also support the workers’ demand to cease providing AWS cloud services to intermediary companies such as Palantir that develop AI technologies for police departments and militaries, and their refusal to provide services to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) service, and refusal to design tools that facilitate human rights violations, such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology (HART) database of biometric data.

As two of the authors of this letter have forcefully argued, face recognition technology represents an unprecedented threat to privacy and civil liberties that even the best traditional forms of regulation will almost certainly fail to mitigate. Amazon has an obligation to consider the privacy harms, and threats to civil and human rights, from the infrastructure of cameras, face databases, and biometric data its products are creating.

Recent studies of facial recognition systems deployed in the United Kingdom have shown unacceptably low levels of accuracy. However, even a highly accurate, ubiquitous identification and tracking system itself poses a grave threat to society—a matter on which there is bipartisan agreement even in this sharply divided political climate. Brian Brakeen, CEO of the facial recognition company Kairos, has acknowledged that their own technology presents such serious privacy concerns that they will not sell it to governments, while the City of Orlando, Florida has dropped its use of Rekognition following the expression of privacy concerns.

Amazon’s insistence that there has been “no reported law enforcement abuse of Amazon Rekognition” is a woefully insufficient response. Just as Amazon sees no evidence of abuse of Rekognition by law enforcement, we see no evidence of a sufficient reporting system for such abuse. Nor does there appear to be any established system for documenting, let alone preventing, the use of Rekognition for illegal discrimination, or in violation of human, civil or privacy rights. Indeed, this technology would amplify existing forms of implicit bias against vulnerable minorities, and enable even more powerful forms of explicit discrimination and oppression.

It is incumbent upon powerful companies like Amazon to sharply restrict the sale of products such as Rekognition, while they work to ensure greater transparency and accountability in the development and deployment their technologies.

We thus call upon Amazon to:

  • Stop supplying government and law enforcement agencies with facial recognition technology.
  • Cancel its cloud services contracts with Palantir and other intermediary companies that provide data analytics and AI services to police or militaries.
  • Establish ethical guidelines that prohibit the weaponization and militarization of this and other technologies that threaten privacy, civil and human rights, and establish transparency and accountability mechanisms to ensure those guidelines are implemented.



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Mr David Guerin PhD candidate creative arts Massey University Wellington New Zealand
Ethan Grant CEO Nefarious Laboratories USA
Prof. Ashley Mack Assistant Professor Communication Studies Louisiana State University United States
Dr. Teresa J Heffernan Professor English Saint Mary's Canada
Mr. Yuanshun Yao Phd Student Computer Science University of Chicago US
Vincent Michalski Ph.D. candidate Computer Science and Operations Research Universite de Montreal, MILA Canada
Mr Vedhavyas Singareddi Engineer Technology India
Dr Stacey Irwin Professor Communication and Theatre Millersville University USA
Abg Jose Luis Mendoza Director Centro Latinoamericano de Investigaciones Sobre Internet Venezuela
Dorothy Howard PhD student Communication University of California, San Diego USA
professor Piero ritired History Università La Sapienza Roma Italy
Mr. Muhammad Zaid Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer Computer Science fidelAI Pakistan
Dr Filippa Lentzos Senior Research Fellow War Studies King's College London United Kingdom
Mr Yohan Mathew N/A N/A N/A India
Andreas Herzig Research Director Computer Science CNRS, IRIT France
Po-Hsuan Huang PhD student neuroscience University of Southern California USA
Dr Meredith Jones Reader Sociology Brunel University London United Kingdom
Gea Scancarello Journalist Italy
Dr. Abigail Nieves postdoctoral fellow Centre for Anthropological Knowledge in Scientific and Technological Cultures Ruhr University Bochum Germany
Dr Maria Berghs Lecturer Health and Wellbeing in Society De Montfort University United Kingdom
Prof. Tahani Nadim Science & Technology Studies Museum of Natural History and Humboldt University Germany
Dr. Katariina Kyrola Lecturer Gender Studies Åbo Akademi University Finland
Professor Klaus Hoeyer Professor Public Health University of Copenhagen Denmark
Dr. Andrea Schikowitz Lecturer and PostDoc researcher Dept.for Science and Technology Studies and Inst. for Urban Management and Governance University of Vienna and Vienna University for Economics and Business Austria
Miss Charlotte Pope-Lambert MA Researcher Technology and Cultural Form Goldsmiths University of London United Kingdom
Ursula Caser Associate Researcher STS TUM-MCTS Germany
Dr. Teun Zuiderent-Jerak Associate Professor of Science and Technology Studies Department of Thematic Studies - Technology and social change Linköping University Sweden
Mr Lorenzo Menetti Automation Specialist Informatics Spain
Dr Debra_Benita_Shaw Reader in Cultural Theory Arts, Technology & Innovation University of East London UK
Dr. Evelien_de_Hoop Postdoc Science and Technology Studies Utrecht University the Netherlands
Prof Vian Bakir Professor Journalism & Political Communication Bangor University UK
Eftychia Roumelioti PhD Student Computer Science Free University of Bozen/Bolzano Italy
Paula Otero-Hermida Researcher Spain
Burcu Baykurt Communications Columbia University United States
Dr.rer.nat Arli Parikesit Head of Department Bioinformatics Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences Indonesia
Janice winship Reader Media & Cultural Studies Media & Cultural Studies University of Sussex UK
Dr Rónán Kennedy Lecturer Law National University of Ireland Galway Ireland
Mr. Andrea Mazzullo PhD student Computer Science Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Italy
Prof. Diana Mincyte Assistant Professor Social Science City University of New York-NYC College of Technology USA
Mag. Devon Schiller Scientific Researcher Image Science Danube University Krems Austria
Mr David Benoist Head Librarian Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de Santé France
Marie-Christine LAGARDE ROUSSET Professor Computer Science Univ. Grenoble Alpes France
Dr. Hector Geffner Professor Computer Science ICREA and Universitat Pompeu Fabra Spain
Janet Werther PhD Candidate Dept of Theatre & Performance Studies The Graduate Center, CUNY USA
Prof. Renyi Hong Assistant Professor Communications and New Media National University of Singapore Singapore
Dr. Rune Saugmann Academy of Finland postdoc researcher International relations Tampere Finland
Mr Prasanna Venkadesh India
Aoife McKenna PhD candidate Social sciences University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
Nadia Dresscher PhD candidate Faculty of Arts and Science University of Aruba Aruba
Katie Szilagyi PhD Candidate Centre for Law, Technology, and Society University of Ottawa Canada
Jasmine Mahmoud Seattle University United States
Prof. Marc Le Goc Full Professor Polytech'Marseille Aix-Marseille University France
Dr Satish Kolluri Associate Professor Communication/Media Studies Pace University United States
Prof. Karen Levy Assistant Professor Information Science Cornell University USA
Daniel Susser Assistant Professor College of Information Sciences and Technology Penn State University USA
Dr. Alexandra Chassanoff Postdoctoral Fellow Information Science MIT Libraries United States
Dr. Kari Hensley Instructor Media, Culture, and Comm New York University USA
Professor Justin Weinberg Associate Professor Philosophy University of South Carolina USA
Dr. Luke Stark Postdoctoral Fellow Sociology Dartmouth College USA
Dr. Alison Hearn Associate Professor Faculty of Information and Media Studies University of Western Ontario Canada
Caleb Harrison JD, PhD Candidate Law, Philosophy U of Minnesota; U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill United States of America
Dr Robert J. Howell Professor Philosophy Southern Methodist University USA
Markus Rudolfi Lecturer Germany
Prof. Patrick Anderson Associate Professor Communication/Ethnic Studies/Critical Gender Studies UC San Diego USA
Prof. Brian Schroeder Professor Philosophy RIT USA
MA Maja Sidzinska lecturer Philosophy San Francisco State University USA
Mr. Jeremy Weissman Ph.D. Candidate Philosophy University of South Carolina USA
Dr. Lawrence Torcello Associate Professor Department of Philosophy Rochester Institute of Technology U.S.A.
Professor Emeritus Harry van der Linden Philosophy Butler University USA
Mr. Martin Perez Comisso PhD student School for the Future of Innovation in Society Arizona State University United States/Chile
Prof Andrew McStay Professor of Digital Life Media Bangor University UK
Dr. Joseph Klett Science History Institute USA
Jenny Korn Fellow Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society Harvard University USA
Ms Sonia Randhawa PhD candidate History/ Law University of Melbourne Australia
Davide Carpano PhD Student Sociology UC San Diego USA
Professor John Sanders professor Philosophy Rochester Institute of Technology USA
Dr. Andrew Pierce Assistant Professor Philosophy Saint Mary's College U.S.
Mr.Lupul Austin Lupul Owner of PhotoBase Canada Canada
Alisan Genc Memorial University canada
MR paul greer United States
Dr Saadia Toor Associate Professor Sociology City University of New York United States
Dr. Daniel Breslau Department Head Science, Technology, and Society Virginia Tech USA
Dr. Daniel Hallin Professor Communication University of California, San Diego USA
Dr Markus Reisenleitner Professor Humanities York University Canada
Prof. Mareike Foecking Professor Photography HS Düsseldorf Germany
Mrs. REvital Madar Ph.D. Candidate Cultural Studies The Hebrew University Israel
Dr. Matthias Korn Postdoc Socio-Informatics University of Siegen Germany
Prof Patrick van der Smagt Director of AI Research Volkswagen Group Germany
Dr Mathieu_Quet Research Fellow Social Science IRD France
Matthias Orlikowski Doctoral researcher Digital Humanities Paderborn University Germany
Prof. Amade M'charek Professor Anthropology of Science Anthropology University of Amsterdam Netherland
Dr Karolina Follis Lecturer/Asst Prof Politics, Philosophy, Religion Lancaster University United Kingdom
MA Naomi Jacobs PhD Candidate Ethics of Technology Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands
Professor Ken Howarth Program coordinator Philosophy, Political science and Religious Studies Metcer Community Collele, TCNJ USA
Justin Karter PhD student Psychology UMass Boston US
Dr Ronald Stewart Professor Sociology Dept Daito Bunka University Japan
Dr. Joyce Goggin Professor Literature University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
Professor Nathan Hanna Associate Professor, Engineering Ethics and Philosophy of Law Philosophy Program Drexel University USA
Dr. Sabiha Khan Assistant Professor Communication University of Texas at El Paso USA
Dr Sarah Myers West Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism University of Southern California USA

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