Open Letter to Amazon against Police and Government use of Rekognition

Researchers in Support of Amazon Employees: Amazon should not sell Face Rekognition Technologies to Police, Government or Intermediaries.

An Open Letter to:

Jeffrey Bezos, Founder and CEO of Inc.
Hassan Sawaf, Director of Artificial Intelligence, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Dr. Matt Wood, General Manager of Artificial Intelligence, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As academics who study, teach about, and develop information technologies, we write in solidarity with Amazon workers and shareholders, as well as a coalition of over 70 civil and human rights groups, who are urging Amazon to cease sale of its Rekognition facial recognition technology to police departments and government agencies. We also support the workers’ demand to cease providing AWS cloud services to intermediary companies such as Palantir that develop AI technologies for police departments and militaries, and their refusal to provide services to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) service, and refusal to design tools that facilitate human rights violations, such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology (HART) database of biometric data.

As two of the authors of this letter have forcefully argued, face recognition technology represents an unprecedented threat to privacy and civil liberties that even the best traditional forms of regulation will almost certainly fail to mitigate. Amazon has an obligation to consider the privacy harms, and threats to civil and human rights, from the infrastructure of cameras, face databases, and biometric data its products are creating.

Recent studies of facial recognition systems deployed in the United Kingdom have shown unacceptably low levels of accuracy. However, even a highly accurate, ubiquitous identification and tracking system itself poses a grave threat to society—a matter on which there is bipartisan agreement even in this sharply divided political climate. Brian Brakeen, CEO of the facial recognition company Kairos, has acknowledged that their own technology presents such serious privacy concerns that they will not sell it to governments, while the City of Orlando, Florida has dropped its use of Rekognition following the expression of privacy concerns.

Amazon’s insistence that there has been “no reported law enforcement abuse of Amazon Rekognition” is a woefully insufficient response. Just as Amazon sees no evidence of abuse of Rekognition by law enforcement, we see no evidence of a sufficient reporting system for such abuse. Nor does there appear to be any established system for documenting, let alone preventing, the use of Rekognition for illegal discrimination, or in violation of human, civil or privacy rights. Indeed, this technology would amplify existing forms of implicit bias against vulnerable minorities, and enable even more powerful forms of explicit discrimination and oppression.

It is incumbent upon powerful companies like Amazon to sharply restrict the sale of products such as Rekognition, while they work to ensure greater transparency and accountability in the development and deployment their technologies.

We thus call upon Amazon to:

  • Stop supplying government and law enforcement agencies with facial recognition technology.
  • Cancel its cloud services contracts with Palantir and other intermediary companies that provide data analytics and AI services to police or militaries.
  • Establish ethical guidelines that prohibit the weaponization and militarization of this and other technologies that threaten privacy, civil and human rights, and establish transparency and accountability mechanisms to ensure those guidelines are implemented.



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Total Signatures: 479, showing 100 per page
Dr Leandro Rodriguez Medina Assoc Prof International Relations and Political Science Universidad de las Americas Puebla Mexico
Ms Joelle Tanguy Switzerland
Prof. Helen Daly Associate Professor Philosophy Colorado College United States
Mr. Ryan O'Loughlin Graduate Student History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine Indiana University-Bloomington U.S.
Dr. Benjamin Birkinbine Assistant Professor Reynolds School of Journalism University of Nevada, Reno USA
Dr. Randall Nichols Assistant Professor Communication University of Washington Tacoma USA
Prof Leslie Regan Shade Professor Faculty of Information University of Toronto Canada
Professor Aristotle Tympas Greece
Dr Gholam Khiabany Reader Media and Communications Goldsmiths UK
Prof. Paul Dourish Chancellor's Professor School of Information and Computer Sciences UC Irvine USA
Professor Arto Laitinen Professor in Social Philosophy Faculty of Social Sciences/Philosophy University of Tampere Finland
Dr Eleanor Sandry Curtin University Australia
Dr David M. Douglas Philosophy Australia
Dr. Changwook Kim Assistant Professor Sociology Handong Global University South Korea
Dr. Kristof Van den Troost Assistant Professor Centre for China Studies The Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
Mr Hans Louis G. Marasigan M.A. Candidate/Lecturer Philosophy Angeles University Foundation/University of Santo Tomas Philippines
Dr Richard Billingsley Research fellow The Magic Lab University Technology Sydney Australia
Dr Guido Noto La Diega Senior Lecturer in Cyber Law and Intellectual Property Law Northumbria University United Kingdom
Dr. Sassan Gholiagha Research Fellow International Politics and Law WZB Berlin Social Science Center Germany
Miss Jacqui_Ayling Researcher Web Science CDT University of southampton UK
Mr Brett Scott Senior Fellow Finance Innovation Lab United Kingdom
Ms Diane_Babak Phd candidate Innovation Da Vinci South Africa
Victoria Burgess United Kingdom
Diani Barreto Independent Researcher Whistleblower advocacy Germany
Dr. Kenneth Halliwell Physician Neurology Self United States
Ms. Zina Antoaneta Darling Real Estate Broker Real Estate USA
Prof. Heather Paxson Professor Anthropology MIT USA
Prof Kate Henne Canada Research Chair University of Waterloo Canada
Thomas Johnson Lecturer Music USA
Diami Virgilio Communication Annenberg School for Communication United States
Zane Cooper Research Fellow Annenberg School for Communication University of Pennsylvania United States of America
Dr. Stephen C. Rea Postdoctoral Scholar Anthropology UC Irvine United States
Dr. Alexandra Suppes Research Associate Psychology New York University, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Mr Divy Thakkar Graduate Student Policy Indian Institute of Foreign Trade India
Ginevra Cilluffo Italy
Saguna_Shankar UBC iSchool University of British Columbia Canada
Prof Jennifer Lieberman Associate Professor English United States
William Jensen Student Philosophy & Mathematics George Mason University United States
Sherry G Skillwoman Rretired Social Worker na United States
Dr. Peter Thompson senior lecturer media studies Victoria University of Wellington NZ
Dr. Caitlin E Fouratt Assistant Professor International Studies CSU Long Beach United States
Mr. Paul Weiss PhD student Information science University of Washington USA
Marion Hammer Germany
AI will destroy humanity Giri Working class Arts & media Graduated India
Professor Juliet Schor Professor Sociology Boston College United States
William Attwood-Charles Visiting Assistant Professor Sociology Boston College United States
Elizabeth Patitsas Assistant Professor Computer Science McGill University Canada
Dr. Evan Torner Assistant Professor German Studies University of Cincinnati USA
Petra Beck Cultural Anthropology Centre Marc Bloch Germany
Missis Linda Curjar Germany
Nicholas Gardner PhD Candidate Classics Stanford University United States
Claire Bessant Associate Professor Law Northumbria University UK
Prof. Maurice Bruynooghe Prof. Em. Comp.Sc. KULeuven Belgium
Dr Charalampia Kerasidou Lancaster University United Kingdom
Dr Adam Linson Research Fellow Computing Science and Philosophy University of Stirling UK
Dr Anna Åberg Assistant professor History of Science and Technology Chalmers University of Technology Sweden
Dr Alistair Welchman Associate Professor Philosophy University of Texas at San Antonio US
Maggie Oates PhD Student Institute for Software Research Carnegie Mellon University USA
MA Katja Schoenian PhD candidate Cultural and social sciences Viadrina University, Frankfurt/Oder Germany
Dr. Darakhshan Mir Assistant Professor Computer Science Bucknell University US
Mr. Lee-Sean Huang Cofounder/Creative Director Design Foossa USA
Ruth Brown United States
DR Denise Garcia Professor Social Sciences Northeastern University United States
Ms Amy Rae Fox Doctoral Student Cognitive Science UC San Diego USA
Prof. Lauren Wilcox Assistant Professor Interactive Computing Georgia Tech USA
Dr. Nicholas Knouf Assistant Professor Cinema and Media Studies Wellesley College USA
Lauren Sorensen PhD student Information Studies University of California, Los Angeles United States
Prof Nathan Ryan Associate Professor Mathematics Bucknell University USA
Dr Alon Lischinsky Senior Lecturer School of History, Philosophy & Culture Oxford Brookes University UK
Prof. Tamara Kneese Assistant Professor Media Studies University of San Francisco USA
Anne Dagenais Guertin Communications and Research Coordinator International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group Canada
Dr. Laura Forlano Associate Professor Institute of Design Illinois Institute of Technology USA
Alexandre Niveau Assistant professor Normandie Université France
Dr. Tahir Emre KALAYCI Postdoctoral Researcher Faculty of Computer Science Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Italy
Dr. Katie Terezakis Associate Professor Philosophy RIT United States
National Coordinator Tim McSorley International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group Canada
Samuel DiBella MSc Candidate Media and Communications London School of Economics UK
Alexandre Taillandier Peace, Justice & Humanitarian Action The Hague Humanity Hub The Netherlands
Dr Courtney Addison Lecturer Science in Society New Zealand
Directeur de recherche Harrison Hunt director KR&R HEX Monaco
MA Carla Greubel Research Assistant Science and Technology Studies Maastricht University Netherlands
Dr Ella Fegitz Associate Lecturer Media and Communications London College of Communication UK
Dr. Georgios Pallas Prof. Computer Science Computer Science Dept. Aristotle University Thessaloniki Greece
Dr. Stacy Wood Assistant Professor School of Computing and Information University of Pittsburgh United States
Laurence Diver PhD candidate Law University of Edinburgh School of Law Scotland
MSc Margoth Gonzalez Woge PhD candidate Philosophy of Technology University of Twente Netherlands
Dr Melinda Sebastian Professor Communication Kutztown University USA
Aakash Solanki University of Toronto India
Veronica Uribe A PhD Student Communication and Science Studies UC SAn Diego USA
Dr Thompson Chengeta Fellow Law South African Research Chair in International Law Zimbabwe
Dr Madhumita Mazumdar Associate Professor History of science and Technology Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information Communication Technology India
Reuben Aronson PhD Student Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon University United States
Prof Mark Graham Oxford Internet Institute University of Oxford United Kingdom
Morana Alac Communication University of California San Diego USA
Ms Lynn Jammal Graduate student Educational Studies Concordia University Canada
Dr Richard Scalzo Research Scientist Centre for Translational Data Science University of Sydney Australia
Dr. Susan Murray Associate Professor Media, Culture, and Communication New York University USA
Prof. Sasha Costanza-Chock Associate Professor Comparative Media Studies Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA
Prof. Kavita Philip Associate Professor History Kavita United States
Jonathan Walton PhD candidate Communication UC San Diego USA

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