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ICRAC statement at the 2018 CCW States Parties Meeting

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Posted on 23 November 2018

As delivered by Prof. Roser Martínez Quirante (in Spanish)   Mr. President, representatives of nations, members of civil society, During the past 5 years, at the Convention on Conventional Weapons, we have seen a greater understanding of the problems and challenges posed by autonomous weapon systems. The ICRAC is satisfied with the general consensus on […] Continue Reading

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ICRAC general statement at the August 2018 CCW GGE

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Posted on 29 August 2018

As delivered by Prof. Noel Sharkey Mr Chairman, Over the last 5 years at the CCW we have seen an increased understanding of the issues and challenges posed by autonomous weapons systems. ICRAC is pleased with the general consensus that we must retain human control over weapons systems, in particular, over the critical functions of […] Continue Reading

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ICRAC statement on the human control of weapons systems at the August 2018 CCW GGE

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Posted on 29 August 2018

As delivered by Dr. Elke Schwarz Thank you, Mr Chairperson, The International Committee for Robot Arms Control is pleased to see states move away from the use of broad, brush-stroke terms such as in-the-loop, on-the-loop, the wider loop, human oversight, and appropriate human judgement. We agree with the working paper from Estonia and Finland that […] Continue Reading

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ICRAC Statement at the 2017 CCW GGE Meeting

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Posted on 15 November 2017

ICRAC Statement to the 2017 UN CCW GGE Meeting Delivered by Noel Sharkey, Chair, on 15 November 2017 I speak on behalf of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control, a founding member of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. We would like to thank Ambassador Gill for his preparations of this important meeting. And […] Continue Reading

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Frequently Asked Questions on LAWS

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Posted on 11 November 2017

Memorandum for delegates at the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) Meeting on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) Geneva, 13-17 November 2017 ICRAC is an international not-for-profit association of scientists, technologists, lawyers and policy experts committed to the peaceful use of robotics and the regulation of robot weapons. Please visit our […] Continue Reading

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Autonomous Weapon Systems and Strategic Stability

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Posted on 20 September 2017

Building on arguments previously developed for a blog post, ICRAC’s Juergen Altmann and Frank Sauer discuss the strategic implications of autonomy in weapon systems in more depth in a recently published article in Survival. Here’s an excerpt from the introduction: In July 2015, an open letter from artificial-intelligence experts and roboticists called for a ban on autonomous weapon […] Continue Reading

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