Frank Sauer

Position:  Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer at Bundeswehr University Munich – ICRAC IT Secretary

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Expertise Areas:  International Security, Arms Control & Disarmament



Dr. Frank Sauer is a Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer at Bundeswehr University Munich. His research focuses on international security. He publishes on nuclear issues, cyber security, terrorism, arms control, and the use of robotics and artificial intelligence by the military. Sauer is often requested as an advisor to political and military decision-makers on these matters.


Altmann, Jürgen/Sauer, Frank 2017: Autonomous Weapon Systems and Strategic Stability, in: Survival 59 (5), 117-142.

Sauer, Frank. 2014: “Autonomous Weapons Systems – Humanising or Dehumanising Warfare?” Global Governance Spotlight 4. Stiftung Entwicklung und Frieden, Bonn.

Sauer, Frank, and Niklas Schörnig. 2012. “Killer Drones – The Silver Bullet of Democratic Warfare?” Security Dialogue 43 (4): 363-380.

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