Geneva Academy Debate: Matthew Waxman vs. ICRAC’s Peter Asaro

Posted on 26 November 2013 by Frank Sauer

Autonomous Weapon Systems: Dangerous Killer Robots or Smarter and Less-Harmful Warfare?, Geneva Academy Debate, Wedesday 20 November 11am – 1pm, Maison de la Paix (Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2), Geneva.

The motion under debate will be: “Should there be an absolute ban on autonomous systems capable of using lethal force?” Two key speakers will argue for and against the motion, and respond to each other’s presentation. This will be followed by a discussion session with the audience, and a public vote.

Moderator :
Noam Lubell, Professor of Law, School of Law, University of Essex
Swiss Chair of International Humanitarian Law, The Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights

With the participation of:
Arguing for a ban: Peter Mario Asaro, PhD, Affiliate Scholar, The Center for Internet and Society Stanford Law School, Director of Graduate Programs School of Media Studies
Arguing against a ban: Prof. Matthew Waxman, University of Columbia Law School; Council on Foreign Relations; co-author of ‘Law and Ethics for Autonomous Weapon Systems’.

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