The Campaign and the Media

Posted on 27 October 2014 by Frank Sauer

On Monday, October 20th, The School of Media Studies at The New School hosted a discussion chaired by ICRAC’s Dr. Peter Asaro with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Ms. Jody Williams and Mary Wareham of Human Rights Watch, looking at the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, the involvement of ICRAC and many other NGOs worldwide and particularly the evolving nature of media outreach and advocacy for humanitarian disarmament. Clearpath Robotics Co-Founder and CTO Ryan Gariepy makes an appearance, explaining the promises and dangers of robotics and his company’s stance against robotic weapon systems.

In particular, the panelists consider how media has reacted to and covered the challenges posed by autonomous weapons and call for a ban as well as the similarities and differences to media outreach and advocacy for campaigning against landmines and cluster munitions. They discuss how the Internet and social media have changed the landscape, and also how new media has changed the campaign’s approaches to mainstream media and journalists.

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